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Terms and Conditions

1.Subject to availability, all rates, products and equipments available and minimum quantity orders are as specified in the Beer Store Rate Card

2. Products and equipments to be verified by the Customer and Supplier on delivery by way of a signed delivery note.

3. The Customer is responsible to pay for any damage, breakage or loss of equipment and/or products once delivered.

4. No returns or refunds will be accepted from the Customer once the equipments and/or products have been delivered.

5. During usage, installation, maintenance and training any breakage, damage or loss to the Customers property or personnel will be the responsibility of the Customer.

5. All products supplied must be handled carefully, stored and dispensed at 0-5ºC and dispensed under the correct pressures (Max. 1.5bar) specified by the Supplier.

6. All equipment should only be handled and used by Big Five Breweries personnel or personnel trained and certified by Big Five Breweries Ltd.

7. All equipment and/or products supplied or installed remains the property of Big Five Breweries Ltd until fully paid for. 

8. The supplier shall have no liability or responsibility to the customer or to any other persons or entity with respect to any liability, customer complaints, loss or damage caused or alleged to be caused directly or indirectly by the product, equipment sold, supplied or service provided by the Supplier, including but not limited to, any interruption of service, loss of business or anticipatory profits or consequential damages resulting from the use of operation of the equipment.

9. Not at any time during the Term to divulge to any person any confidential information relating to the products, equipments or affairs of the Supplier.

10. The Supplier reserves the right to decline any order or application or to submit any quotation or tender on any inquiry transmitted to it by the Customer

your privacy

We are committed to protecting your privacy.

The Big five Breweries Ltd, as the operator of the Online Beer Store recognizes that your trust is fundamental to the value of the online beer orders and/or requests for you as a Customer. Protecting the privacy and confidentiality of your personal and/or corporate information has always been a fundamental principle in our relationship with you, this privacy commitment tells you how we will ensure the confidentiality and privacy of the information that you entrust us with.

1. The Big Five Breweries collects personal information for the following purposes:

To administer the Online Beer Store,

To respond to requests and orders placed online

To communicate information and offers to our Customers,

To understand and analyze Customers’ responses, needs and preferences;

To develop, enhance, market and/or provide products and services to meet those needs; and To enable Customers to participate in promotions<

From time to time, you may be asked to provide additional personal and/or corporate information via market research or surveys. If you choose not to provide this information, it will not affect your ability to use the facilities of the Online Beer Store.

2. The Big Five Breweries will use this information from time to time to promote additional products, services, rewards and special offers

3. Customer information is processed and stored in secure and confidential databases in the Big Five Breweries Nairobi, Kenya.

4. Big Five Breweries does not give, rent or sell Customer lists from the Online Beer Store to any organization or individual other than business units of The Big Five Breweries.

The Big Five Breweries respects the privacy of Customers when promoting products and services.

If you do not wish to receive marketing or promotional communications in electronic, printed or verbal format, other than feedback to your order and or requests, simply inform us in writing to:

The Big Five Breweries Ltd,

Online Beer Store

P.O. Box 39954-00623,

Nairobi or

by E-mail to ,

or by calling the Online Beer Store Customer Care Centre on


Your ability to use the Online Beer Store facilities will not be affected.